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Hayley Harrison

Education Consultant


‘Understanding the power of curriculum, embracing the individuality of schools’

This is not about imposing a predesigned program upon your school, this is about analysing what your school needs to be the most effective, efficient and engaging educational facility it can be. It is about understanding where you have come from, and how to get to where you want to go.


Processes and support opportunities to audit, update, redesign, create or implement curriculum documentation.

Processes and support opportunities to develop school-wide Literacy documentation and professional development.

Building consistency across classes and year levels, interpreting curriculum, building resources, auditing and revising assessment.

Small group, class or year level lectures and workshops in exam preparation, understanding and using feedback, English skill development.

Levitating Books

A range of downloadable resources to support your curriculum and literacy needs.

My Approach

Who is Connect Literacy and what is our underlying beliefs around Literacy?

Levitating Books
Consultancy Options

View the different options available for consultancy with your school.

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