Building Consistency Withing The Learning Area

One of the greatest areas for improvement in any Learning Area is to build consistency amongst the teaching staff. Consistency of language, consistency of feedback offered, consistency of assessment, consistency of curriculum interpretation. In order for this to occur, communication and clarity need to be built, accepted and reinforced by teachers and the leadership team. This multi-session workshop begins with building the capacity of the Learning Area Leader to set up processes for the longevity of the English team (considering the continual turnover of staff each year). The team sessions then look at the holistic consistency as well as in individual year level groups and how communication can be maximised to support this consistency.


These sessions may run over an entire school year (one each term for example) in order to allow time for staff to consolidate and enact the practices and ensure they are working effectively before moving forward.


These sessions function even more effectively when they run concurrently with curriculum and assessment auditing which can be undertaken with Curriculum Writing, Assessment Auditing

or Teaching the skills of English depending on the essential needs of your school.

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