Consultancy Options

1 Term Consultancy

1 Year Consultancy

6 Session Consultancy

Distance Consultancy

One-off Consultancy

1 or 2 days a week for a single school term.

Intensive, single area focus.

The process includes: an audit, professional development,

integration and future planning.

Intensive, single area focus requiring less hands-on support.

Regularly conducted over a single term, but can be set over a longer time period depending on the area of focus.

The six sessions include:

  - An initial discussion (with optional audit process)

  - Presentation of different options moving forward

  - Specific leadership professional development/coaching

  - A 4 week check-in and re-evaluation

  - An 8 week check-in (with optional audit)

  - A final meeting with future planning options

An option for more regional schools to work collaboratively and more consistently with a consultant when weekly consultancy is not an option.

This process will involve some face-to-face work, but will also rely on email, telephone and Skype for the consistent support.

This option can be undertaken through the 6 session, 1 term

or 1 year consultancy options.

A single working session facilitating a staff group through the

brainstorming and planning process.

This will involve an initial discussion to establish goals and procedures for the session and can include a follow up session with forward mapping if desired.

1 Day (or one half day) a week for a school year.

Long-term potentially multi-area focused.

The process includes: an audit, professional development,

integration, coaching, cyclic reflections and future planning documents.

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