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Connecting Literacy: Student Folios

Connecting Literacy is a developmental literacy program for Secondary schools including 3 student folios, 3 teacher books and hundreds of videos hosted by Hayley Harrison.


Connecting Literacy is designed to be used either as an English skills book, a literacy course book or an integrated whole-school literacy resource. 


With cumulative skill development over the three books students (and teachers) are scaffolded through an Explicit Instructional Model following a 'model, practice, apply' approach where students read an annotate an authentic student piece of writing, practice units of work in 7 different text types and apply their understanding by drafting and revising their own texts - all contained in the folio. 


The set of text is specifically designed to:

- maximise flexibility in how it can be used in a school

- maximise student and teacher support with videos, a literacy tool-kit, in-moment strategies, learning intentions, self reflections and a gradual release of responsibility approach throughout.

provide a learning pathway with built-in reflection, metacognition strategies and formative assessment (including developmental rubrics)

- underpin your whole school literacy plan and create common metalagnauge around literacy across your school by focusing on text types seen in all subjects, not just English.

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