How To Study For English

Do your students find it difficult to study for English? They will do homework begrudgingly but it is for homework sake rather than any beneficial process. This session looks at the essential skills of English and the different methods students can use to ensure they are getting the most out of their VCE study time for English. Each outcome will be looked at with specific study techniques and strategies with which students can walk away and use immediately. The session will look at different ways students can learn and match these with appropriate study techniques. It will reinforce the real benefit of out-of-classroom study whilst linking it with the teaching approach of the school.

This workshop functions most effectively in conjunction with the English Teachers How to teach students how to study for English session as metalanguage can be built and reinforced throughout adding consistency and maximising the uptake of such study skills for students throughout the year.


This is a great session for students to take at the end of year 10 or year 11, perhaps during their orientation week in preparation for the subsequent year.

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Hayley Harrison

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Victoria, Australia

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