Over the last 19 years Hayley has worked as a Classroom Teacher, Coach, Leading Teacher and Consultant. She has presented at numerous schools regarding whole school literacy, curriculum development and English specific content. She has led colleges and primary schools through developing the whole school literacy frameworks, the auditing of curriculum, building resources and formalising assessment practises. In 2023, her first set of student workbooks will be published through Matilda Education. Over the last few years she has worked with VCAA as a member of the Expert Review Team for English, as well as in the EAL Bridging Study Design Panel. She has been a VCAA presenter for the VCE new study design Implementation Briefings and has written the trial curriculum and resources for VCAAs integration of VCE English and VET. Hayley has also written units of work for Insight Publications, has been a NAPLAN and VCE Trial Exam assessor and has presented for organisations such as VATE and BooBook Education. She was a founding Teach for Australia Mentor shortly after returning from her work as an English Consultant for an education NGO in India. Her passion lies in designing curriculum and resources to engage and motivate a differentiated classroom and sees the new Victorian Curriculum and VCE English and EAL Study Design as an opportunity for real shifts in thinking regarding assessment and teaching practices within the classroom.

Driven from working with too many consultants who simply wanted to sell a ‘package’ to a school rather than understanding the needs of each individual school, my goal is to discover the characteristics of each school and understand how I can match my experience to where your school needs support and guidance. Within this website I have compiled some of the workshops and presentations I have facilitated over the years to highlight what I am able to offer but the opportunities are limitless – I do not want to sell a package, I want a school to understand what it needs and ask if I can support them to make it happen. My passion for curriculum writing and teaching the ‘skills’ required for success is not limited to the English classroom, rather it comes from a fundamental understanding how each Learning Area is so diverse, and therefore must be approached differently. Ultimately, I believe that at the very heart of any subject is a strong curriculum with clear literacy teaching embedded and a reflective practice that is beneficial rather than arbitrary, tokenistic or time consuming.


Please feel free to look through the opportunities for professional development – but also feel free to contact me with any specific requirements your school currently has. Each session is highly personalised, and I endeavor to use as much school specific metalanguage and pedagogy as possible to make each session as relevant and effective as possible. Time and resources are critical in any school – I aim to make the most of both of these and ensure each meeting leaves every teacher, leader or student with numerable resources they can apply immediately.


My Philosophy