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Consultation Options

Every school is unique in its student cohort, needs, resources, teaching experience, history and goals. Having someone to help navigate the path of finding the right approach for each individual school means you can take the experience of numerous schools and situations and have help to translate that understanding for your school. 

Consultations through Connect Literacy can be a one-off in-person or online discussion, or can build into a longer-term working relationship. They can be working with one leading teacher or principal, or a working party/faculty more holistically.

Key areas for consultation through Connect Literacy centre around:

  • Building a Whole School Literacy Framework and/or Literacy Action Plan

  • Auditing and/or revising curriculum documentation

  • Supporting and mentoring leading teachers

Having an external, objective opinion can be invaluable for any organisation and sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help you see the next steps forward. 

"One of my greatest strengths (beyond my infectious love of literacy) is being able to see the 'bigger picture' and breaking this down into manageable and actionable pieces."

Hayley Harrison 

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