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VCE Curriculum Auditing

Often VCE teachers are independent specialists within the school, they alone are expected to interpret the study design and build a curriculum that focuses on the expected key knowledge and skills of their subject. With the introduction of a new set of study designs over the last few years, this means teachers have had the opportunity to revise their teaching approaches and awareness of the course they know so well. Having someone to critically reflect upon their curriculum and provide advice on teaching strategies and approaches can not only give confidence but also helps develop a curriculum that is not only connected to the junior and middle years outcomes but is also transferable between staff members.


I can work alongside new and existing teachers to initially clarify and provide strategies to support their teaching of the study design and then facilitate an effective and purposeful reflection process to maximise the teaching and learning in the subsequent years.

Alternatively, I can work with VCE Leaders to complete a VCE audit on current curriculum practices and build an action plan to ensure consistency and clarity amongst the staff across the school.

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