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VCE English & EAL Textbooks

These all-inclusive print and digital student textbooks have been designed from scratch for the new 2024-2027 VCE English and EAL study design. The textbooks, published through Matilda Education, are built with a motivational point of view and takes students on a scaffolded exploration of the study design. This includes a detailed unpacking of each area of study, a step-by-step student learning pathway, explicit teaching of skills and knowledge, annotated worked examples, tips and strategies for success, sample SACs, practical guides for analysis and writing success, and flexible activity banks that can be used in class for discussions, individual work or group work, or at home for additional practise.

Key Features

- area of study-specific approach

- focus on key skills

- integrated English and EAL instructional design

- step-by-step student pathway through every area of study

- worked examples, annotations, sample writing and purposeful activities

- dedicated exam chapter (for Units 3 & 4)

- blended student print and digital components

- motivational and wellbeing point of view

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