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Victorian Curriculum Auditing

From Foundation to Level 10, it is important for every school to not only teach the Victorian Curriculum, but to understand and be able to demonstrate how they are teaching and assessing all the Achievement Standards. My expertise in understanding, interpreting and developing curriculum comes from my appreciation of how curriculum can be interpreted in different ways for the strengths of different schools. Rather than see each new permutation of the regulated curriculum as a burden, I see it as an opportunity for reflection, revision and development across the school.


The process of curriculum auditing can take many forms and approaches depending on where the school is up to in its curriculum development, but initially it involves working with the Principal and Curriculum Leaders to discuss where the school’s vision regarding curriculum for the school. From there I can assist in auditing curriculum for administrative purposes, revising or redeveloping curriculum documentation, working with staff to clarify curriculum expectations and processes, facilitating workshops to show teachers how to use curriculum documentation and/or assessment procedures.

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